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July 2020 - CONTROL by Keziah Warner.....

In July 2020, Kaitlyn played the lead role of Elizabeth, Nicki and Isabelle in this award winning three act play:

SMH In the ensemble cast, Kaitlyn Thor stood out in her multiple roles. Thor delivered three roles that became increasingly complex, including a particularly nuanced Isabelle.

THEATRE TRAVELS "The performances from the cast were solid with Kaitlyn Thor being the obvious standout. Thor’s characters seem the most developed and complex with moral dilemmas at the helm and an interesting final character in the form of Isabelle in the third part of the story."

NIGHT WRITES "Kaitlyn Thor, one of the strongest performers of the ensemble, featured in all three acts. This gave Thor ample opportunity to show her acting range and ability."

SYDNEY SCOOP Kaitlyn Thor shines as Elizabeth, Nikki, and Isabelle and the demanding different views from all.

July 2018 - STUPID FUCKING BIRD by Aaron Posner

Sydney Arts Guide- "Hilarious is Thor as Emma.  Absolutely had me in gasps at her toss off lines and expressive body language and her exasperated self-centredness.  Then she goes and breaks my damn heart in the second act."  


Jason Blake- "the actors are excellent across the board". 


Suzy Go See- "The iconic Emma Arkadina is played by a fierce Kaitlyn Thor, seductive and powerful as the grandiose matriarch." 


Australian Stage- "Kaitlyn Thor as Emma is impressive, imposing and imperious, like a Roman legion eagle, an Aquila the Hun."  Sandra Bowden- "Kaitlyn Thor is perfectly cast. Timing, energy and intensity are expertly balanced to keep us poor unwitting saps on the edge." 

Sydney Theatre Award Nomination Dec 2018
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November 2017

THE BIG MEAL by Dan LeFranc.....

In November 2017, Kaitlyn played the lead role of Nikki, Maddie and Jacqui and here's what they said about my performance:

"Central to the success of this production are performances by Kaitlyn Thor who embodies both the multi-dimensional triumphs and tragedies of the feminine in each word, tone, expression, silence, stance, and action"


"Thor's depiction of Nikki is stunning, and her performance as Sam and Nikki's daughter, Maddie, is beautifully heartbreaking with her exit bringing tears"

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